The March 2008 Movie Marathon: Results

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The Winner Is…


A Nightmare on Elm Street!

The Results

1st PlaceA Nightmare on Elm Street; 32%; 28 Votes
2nd Place Halloween; 29%; 25 Votes
3rd Place Friday the 13th; 26%; 23 Votes
4th PlaceTexas Chainsaw Massacre; 13%; 11 Votes

Total – 87 Votes

Shelby’s Comments

After an eventful few weeks of voting, we finally have some results. I was quite surprised at the voting; I thought that Halloween or Friday the 13th would win based on the general fascination with those movies. Turns out I was quite wrong when A Nightmare on Elm Street pulled ahead in a massive vote gain a few days ago.

This means that we will be watching A Nightmare on Elm Street for the all-night movie marathon/mockumentary, we are working on setting up the rest of the show ASAP.

Patrick’s Comments

Now that the voting is over, a group of 4-7 people will be selected to endure the marathon, in the coming weeks expect to see promos for the marathon on our youtube page. Can we survive the 8 Film Nightmare Marathon? Be sure to keep check in here on SquidFlicks for updates!

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