Escape from New York

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1997. The year that saw the death of Princess Diana, Gas was $1.22 a gallon, Titanic was released, and life was simpler and less worrisome. A lot of the 90s was spent living a more stress free life than many of us do now. Some however, depicted 1997 as a totally opposite reality. Picture 1997. The year where the entire Government structure is changed and the state of New York is turned into a maximum security prison. The President’s life is in danger and a man called Snake has to save him. Welcome to John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York.”

This film’s story, I feel, is way ahead of it’s time. By having the set-up be in New York is such a memorable image of America, it could really hit home. Pitting the sole leader of the free world in danger against the gangs and criminals of New York is a ballsy move and it sure as hell worked to perfection. The Criminal anti-hero, Snake Plissken, is as badass as they come. Only caring for himself and no one else makes him one BAMF guy.

The actors in the film are as seasoned as they come. Donald Pleasence, Kurt Russell, Tom Atkins, Adrienne Barbeau all starred in this cult classic and they raised the film’s quality tremendously. They each have their own unique and distinct role which they all execute wonderfully.

Carpenter composed the music himself, and he, yet again, delivered in high form. He’s use of heavy synth in his compositions makes his sound the true “Carpenter sound.” The main theme makes you get ready for the action adventure you’re about to witness and doesn’t lay off until the closing credits have rolled.

Overall, this film is a underrated classic in my eyes. I feel it’s one of Carpenter’s best scripts, and films. If you have Escape lately, then pop some popcorn, lay back on the couch and watch the 1997 that you never thought would be.

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