Leprechaun 3

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What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Unless that happens to be a piece of the Lep’s gold you have! Warwick Davis return as the evil Lep as he hunts down his ole gold in sin city in this 1995 release of Brian Trenchard Smith’s “Leprechaun 3.”


The dialogue was surprisingly entertaining, and keep me glued to the screen. There was no corny dialogue, except some of the puns, in this which was a huge shocker to me as David DuBos has only had less than 5 titles to his writing credit.


John Gatins is a bright, more capable leading man than Charlie Heath could ever have dreamed of being Lee Armstrong has a strong role as the lead female, and is possibly one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in 90s cinema. John DeMita (as The Great Fazio) is funny in his own way but the best support comes from Caroline Williams who turns in a marvelous performance as aging casino croupier Loretta. Michael Callan (as Mitch) is another first-rate supporting cast member who does his best to play off the stereotypical trappings of his casino owner role. The silly subplot between Tony (Roger Hewlett) and Arthur (Tom Dugan) trying to get money from Mitch could have easily been a distraction, but instead provides the film more opportunities for comic entries. As usual, Warwick Davis owns the film with his performance as the title monstrosity.


Director Brian Trenchard-Smith (best known prior to this for “Night of the Demons 2”) brings a bit more humor and warmth to the series, infusing the slight story with charming characters and less bloodshed. Instead of being a drawback to the story, the minimal gore actually makes this film more enjoyable. This really gave the series a face lift, i had high hopes when he was attached to Lep 4: In Space, well all I have to say is THAT was his last Lep entry.


Dennis Michael Tenney’s new score is only of marginal interest and doesn’t properly measure up when compared to the previous two backdrops. Like the director, Tenney did the music to Lep 4, and again like Smith, it was his last music job in a Lep film.


There are far worse ways to kill an hour and a half than watching this film. You’ll smile more often than you’ll scream, but the point of a good movie is to be entertaining in whatever form it takes. By playing the audience for laughs instead of chills, this film succeeds in being an agreeable continuation of a minor masterpiece.

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