Leprechaun 2

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Slapstick humor has existed throughout. Humor that is witty, punny and well, annoying is what slapstick is. No one says it better than our good ole friend, The Leprechaun like in the 1994 release of Rodman Flender’s “Leprechaun 2.”


The dialogue was very plain and mediocre. Written by Turi Meyer, whose other writing credits include “Candyman: Day of the Dead”and “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End.” It often got boring and i kept on looking at the clock to see when this would be over.


Charlie Heath is easy to respond to in his role of Cody Ingels. He has a winning personality and he comes across as genuine in his performance. Sandy Baron grabs most of the non-Leprechaun induced humor as Cody’s legal guardian, Mortimer. But the best of the bunch is Shevonne Durkin, playing Cody’s love interest (and the Leprechaun’s) Bridget. While her acting can be fairly one-dimensional at times, her beauty and charisma overcome any impediments her limited talent places before her. The relationship between her character and Heath’s also adds some intimate warmth to the film that strengthens the viewer’s connection to them. As would be the case with all entries in this long-running series, Warwick Davis steals every spotlight he’s given. His achievement excels amongst the ranks of horror movie anti-heroes.


In the first film, the pot of gold and a four leaf clover played a central role in the plot. In this sequel, it is a bride and the dangers of wrought iron that inform the bulk of the movie. We see even more outlandish changes in the other films. I guess the makers of these movies think that sticking to just pots of gold and clovers could bore an audience, and maybe so, but introducing all of these different leprechaun traits often makes the films difficult to follow.


The one major flaw of this film lies in Jonathan Elias’ mediocre score. Instead of following up on Kevin Kiner’s brilliant work from the first film, Elias takes his score in a completely generic direction, which isn’t good at all.


Overall the sequel isn’t a good follow up to the original, but is entertaining at least. If you were wanting to watch a movie, this wouldn’t be the worst thing out there.

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