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What came first the chicken or the egg? The egg according to wacko scientist Diane Ladd. The cosmic egg hatched all of the dinosaurs, and Ladd hopes to do it again in the 1993 release of “Carnosaur”.


The Dialogue lags A LOT in my opinion. It often got boring but it was neccessary to the plot though.


What can I say; when you cast actors for a B-Movie (Budget Movie), you can’t expect A list Hollywood performances, right?
Strangely enough the quality of the acting seemed to pick up towards the end of the film.


Well the plot is pretty basic as far as B-Movies go. Genetic work done to somehow bring back dinosaurs. Basic but entertaining as well.


Music? What music?? If there was any music I guess the giant puppet T-Rexes must have distracted me; I sure didn’t hear any music in Carnosaur!

Final Verdict

Overall its a pretty bad movie, but a excellent B-Movie – you can choose to look at it either way you want to.
I know this for sure whenever you have Roger Corman on board, even as a Executive Producer, that you’ll have a great B-Movie in the waiting!!

2.5/5 Reels
Dying Squid Rating
(Rent Only!)


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