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I’m proud to announce that Squidflicks has gained a new reviewer! My cousin, Lee Copley, is the newest member to the staff and will be an amazing addition to our group.

Welcome aboard Lee!

Here’s little about Copley, in his own words:

“I’ve been writing reviews for about three years now. I started off just editing yearbook and newspaper pages for my high school, but I branched out and started writing for two local city newspapers. I felt that those two were a little more inconsistent with publishing than I would have liked, so I just started reviewing on my own. I may fall behind on my “one movie a day” thing, but I publish retroactively, all days will have a review.”

“Well, here’s some random trivia about me. I’m in college, and majoring in History/English Secondary Education; I’m hoping to be a college professor someday. I work as a cashier for the time being, and frankly it’s not that terrible of a job. Music, film, comics, and nerd stuff fill my days pretty effectively. ”

“If there’s any movies in particular you’d like me to review, shoot me a message. I’m happy to do any movies I can.”

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