Conan got screwed!

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I’m not one to rant, but recent events regarding late night comedy have got me pretty agitated. How about you? I just want an entertaining late night comedian, not drama.

Once again, NBC shows that big networks truly have no soul. Conan O’Brien has quit after basically being a guinea pig as Jay Leno’s replacement, as Leno got a primetime comedy show. The show is folding fast and NBC wants Leno back in his old spot, which Conan wants nothing to do with, so he’s done.

Congrats. NBC has ruined two pretty decent comedians in this giant shell-game.

Edit: NBC has apparently offered to pay Conan $30 million to leave, and negotiations are underway. We’ll see how well that turns out.

Edit 2: Things seem to have panned out well, looking at this article two years later – Conan has a hit show on TBS and Jay Leno has continued success with the Tonight Show. Hopefully NBC (and other major networks) will refrain from making such switcheroos with primetime entertainment. Had this not been resolved, it could have been very bad for the network.

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