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Unobtanium, the most precious and desired mineral in the entire known universe, is mined and sold from Pandora, a fantastic yet dangerous moon in the in the closest system to the planet Earth, the Alpha Centauri galaxy. A private company runs the mining operation on Pandora, and has both military and science personnel. Relations with the native population, the Na’vi, has been strained. A operation that allows humans to control a genetically-engineered Na’vi body, called an Avatar, are used to promote relations between the two races. Newcomer Jake Sully, a paraplegic, is recruited to join the Avatar program to replace his murdered twin brother. Since his DNA is similar to that of his brother’s, he will be able to use the Avatar body.

Once Jake Sully gets his legs back, he becomes torn between helping the company and helping the Na’vi, which complicates everything after the largest unobtainium deposit on Pandora is found to be under the Na’vi settlement.


Avatar had a pretty decent amount and quality of dialogue. Bear in mind that this was a very effects-oriented movie, but the interactions and lines between the characters were well above average. There were some very intimate and eye-opening scenes that consisted of conversations between characters, and helped to move the storyline along, as well as inform the audience.


The roles in the movie were no less than perfectly cast. Big names like Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana, and Sam Worthington help make the film entertaining and almost realistic.

You could really sympathize with the characters in the movie, and that is impressive in my opinion. It just seemed so real and unreal at the same time. The cast does not fail to impress.


The plot of Avatar, which is a classic good-versus-evil tale, has been mentioned to be very familiar to that of Disney’s Pocahontas. While that may be true, Avatar ain’t no Pocahontas. The characters, places, and events are awe-inspiring and great entertainment.

It starts with Jake Sully, who soon realizes that he himself holds the fate of Pandora, the humans, and the Na’vi in his hands. He was a double-agent of sorts, acting as a spy for the marines while working the avatar program for scientific research and interaction with the native Na’vi population.

Sully begins to realize the wrong he is doing almost before it is too late. The marines are ready to strike the Na’vi’s great tree settlement, and Jake is considered an enemy to the operation. What happens after that is not for me to share, but it is awesome none-the-less! =) SquidFlicks doesn’t like spoilers!


A great score from Oscar-winning composer James Horner added a tremendous amount to the movie experience. The theme as well as the other various sounds of Pandora helped to create an amazing scene that was almost dreamlike.

I am a big believer in a good score to accompany a good movie, and Avatar is no exception!


I think that I have found a new favorite movie. I thought The Dark Knight was as good as it gets, but Avatar really won my heart (and eyes). I also see the irony in unobtanium, the rare-earth mineral that is difficult to obtain and its use is never explained.

James Cameron has created a Box-Office beast that is set to defeat the records set by The Dark Knight and Cameron’s own Titanic, which set the record in box office earnings at 1.8 billion. That is incredible. I viewed the movie in 3D, but from what I’ve gathered, the difference between it and regular screens is negligible, so it’s your choice. Personally, I like wearing the glasses! =P

Overall, please watch this movie in theaters. If you don’t, your life will be forever incomplete. Don’t do that to yourself!

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