Short Films by Ronald Jackson

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SquidFlicks received a submission back in November from filmmaker Ronald Jackson, who wanted us to review some of his work that he was entering as examples in his film school application. Without further ado, let the reviews begin!

Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love is a short film that focuses on the sexual fantasy of a girl and her tutor. Instead of paying attention to him, she dreamed of all the things they could do together. She is abruptly brought back into the real world by a rather large economics book.

4/5 Reels


This one gave me the creeps. This guy will stop at nothing in his quest to kill the girl who he’s stalking. Great camera angles and good music made this an overall strange tale of a stalker and his desires.

5/5 Reels

One for me

A pretty good job for a first-time music video. I really like the angles and effects, but some of the audio could use a revamp. (Noted during video too)

3/5 Reels

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