Weekend at Bernie’s

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When you live the white collar life, any chance you get to move up a step on the ladder is a moment you HAVE to take. Key moments like taking a promotion, taking on another task, or ANY offerings from your boss, especially the CEO of the company. When you reach this almost Nirvana state of feeling, you have to remember to make right decisions. If said boss wants you to take up a new account, handle an existing account, or even invites you to his condo YOU TAKE IT. Like the guys in the 1989 release of Ted Kotcheff’s “Weekend at Bernie’s.”


Written by Robert Klane, the dialogue flowed great. You could easily get involved in the hilarious conversations between Larry and Richard, which really pays off. Alot of it delivers in the comedic way, which I assumed was intended, perfectly.


The acting was a surprise for me. I really wasn’t expecting much from this little 80’s film. I thought it’d be full of bad cheesy acting, but instead there was young talented actors in it’s place. Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman made this film the cult classic that it is. They fed off of each other, and together they made a terrific on screen duo. Catherine Mary Stewart also did a great job playing the female lead. The person who deserves the most kudos in my book is Terry Kiser. Although his living screen time is limited, it’s his portray of the stiff of the film that’s really impressive. Being able to have almost zero control and letting yourself hang loose is a task that i’m sure is easier said than done.


The plot was very very original. Klane shows off his creativity here, with a great 80’s film whose plot, surprisingly, has not been thought of before. It takes a almost surreal like situation and makes it possible. Having the threat of the group of mobsters that are after Bernie’s life, is a good balance to comedy in the film.


Andy Summers, guitarist of The Police, composed the music for this one. Since 2/3 of the film takes place Rhode Island, you’d expect a get display of 80s vibed scores. Andy delivers with great results.


Overall “Weekend at Bernie’s” is a great movie, and hands down a cult classic. I love the story, the acting, everything was awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel and doing a review of that as well in the near future. Kudos to Terry Kiser, and Robert Klane.

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