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SquidFlicks - TV Show Premieres Alert - TVSPA

A new category of SquidFlicks is the TVSPA, or TV Show Premieres Alert. This category is for the announcement of the premieres of new and continuations of popular TV shows on National Television.

Without further ado, here are the first announcements:

LOST – Season 4 Premiere
If you are a fan, then I am sure you did not miss the 2-hour LOST special tonight. I saw it myself, and I really enjoyed learning some new details from the characters’ past. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Eli Stone – Season 1 Premiere

A new show, Eli Stone, came on afterwards as a premiere, and I thought that it was a nice show as well. Here’s a description courtesy of IMDB: “A legal drama centered on a lawyer (Miller) who begins to think he might be a prophet.”
I think that it’s worth a watch to see if you like it or not!

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