Saw 6

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For ages and ages men have loved to solve challenging mysteries. Making connections and getting the whole picture is an awesome thing to experience. Relating situations together to uncover the real truth or to reveal the chronological order of events. This is EXACTLY what you have to do in order to understand the somewhat complex plot of the 2009 release of Kevin Greutert’s “Saw 6.”


The dialogue in this one was a continuation of the traditional dialogue within the franchise. It flowed well and I really enjoyed being able to follow the realistic conversations between the characters.


The acting in this one was above average. I really enjoyed Costas Mandylor’s performance as Detective Hoffman.  He brings an almost cold as stone feel to the role and automatically makes him a character that we all will dispise. Peter Outerbridge also deserves a shout-out. He make his role human, and you felt bad for him at times, even though we know, that through his profession he isn’t quite the sympathic derserving person as we thought. Once again Tobin Bell plays the role of John Kramer as well as he always has.


Going into this film, you gotta expect the worse, this being the 5th sequel in a franchise whose prior installments haven’t been much to talk about. If anyone else was thinking this way, then we ALL got a huge slap in the face after seeing this. The plot, in some ways, went back to the basics of the earlier films and made the one of the strongest entries during the Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan writing era. I loved the fact that there was a real life issue put into play here. Once you see this, you’ll know as clear as day what i’m talking about. Nevertheless the “big finale” at the end wasn’t predictable at all, and with two more sequels to be made, im curious to see how Jigsaw’s “Big Plan,” all plays out.


Once again, composed by Charles Clouser, the music was great as always. Bringing out the best of a scene is what great music does, and bringing out the best in music is what Clouser does, Kudos to him.


Overall this film didn’t beat out “Paranormal Activity” in it’s opening weekend; However, in ten years which will hold up in water? Saw 6. It’s a refreshment to see an entry in the impressive series to bring new life to a almost downhill story. Kudos to Tobin Bell, Charles Clouser, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, and Costas Mandylor.


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