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Imagine a planet filled with garbage and devoid of life – it is unfortunately the reality of the planet Earth in Wall-E. Left by the humans decades prior due to the their own destruction of the planet, it was up to Buy in Large’s robot garbage collectors to clean up the mess. The human race floats through space on an intergalatic space cruse while the planet repairs itself. Sounds like a good idea right? Unfortunately, most of the bots, with the exception of Wall-E, are now defunct and the world remains a gigantic wasteland.


There was not much dialogue at all in this movie. After all these are robots we are talking about here. I mean, you don’t know one word R2-D2 has uttered but everyone loves him right? It’s the same principal here. For what little human presence there was in the movie, it was pretty well scripted.


The animation in the film was fantastic, which we are used to from Pixar. Once again they manage to create a visually stunning masterpiece that combines just enough reality with cartoon.


The plot, while apocalyptic and often used in the science fiction world, was pretty unique in the display of the evils of corporate power and human pollution gone unchecked in a scarily near world. Robots are commissioned by the mighty company to clean up the mess, and the entire human population is loaded, like animals on Noah’s Ark, onto a large cruise to enjoy while the ‘bots clean up the big mess at home.

It was complex but presented in an easy to understand format to let the younger viewers get into the film too.


Wall-E was another Pixar film with an excellent score. It features work from scorer Thomas Newman, who also worked on the score of Finding Nemo, another excellent Pixar film.


This is a great movie worth a watch with the family or even by yourself. It has a strong and valuable lesson, a warning almost, that everyone should take heed – treat the environment right; be responsible for your own actions. The human race is not going to be able to compute or build our way out of every single serious situation we create in the first place. It’s time to start being responsible from the start and doing things right.

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