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When a mother loses her daughter on a huge airplane in mid-flight, no one takes her seriously. In fact, the crew denies even seeing the little girl, and think that she is mentally unstable due to her husband’s recent death. The captain puts her in the custody of a flight marshal to keep the peace on the plane, but something is not quite right on this flight.


The dialogue in this movie was good. It told the story well and helped you to better understand what was going on in the scenes. There was some repetition, but despite that, the interaction between the characters was well-played.


Acting was a strong point of the film. Even though the acting cast was not as well known as other, more popular movies, they did their jobs all the same. The interactions between the characters, as well as the dialogue helped to immerse you into the plane; almost as if you were sitting in the plane through all that drama.


The plot for this movie was, to the best of my knowledge, pretty original. Even though the basics were still there, the way that the circumstances arose is what makes the plot and the entire movie so special. I think that this bears an uncanny resemblance to the works of Alfred Hitchcock, both in its presentation and its underlaying horrors.


The music fit in well with the action, and helped to create the entire movie experience.


I have seen this movie several times since 2005, when it was released, and it still is interesting. I think that it is definitely worth at least a renting

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