Barstool Cowboy

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Sometimes, when life’s got you down, it’s good to have a local bar to drown your sorrows in. In the case of Mick, it’s the recent loss of a girl that has him in the local watering hole. He vows to not move from his barstool for three months, but then he meets an artsy college student who steals his heart. Will it be a love found, or will Mick return to his spot in the bar? You’ll have to watch to find out!


The dialogue in the film was effective, and at times there was silence that helped set the seriousness of a scene. Overall there were very few clichés or other annoying staples of the Independent Film genre (thankfully there was a lack of excessive expletives!) Barstool Cowboy does dialogue right!


The casting for this movie was fantastic. Mick, who was played by Tim Woodward, is a very convincing cowboy, even though none of his skills are shown the the movie. (I hope that’s not a spoiler, ha!) Every character was perfect, from the angry guy at the bar to the wine salesman and last but not least, Arcy, who was played by Rachel Lien.


The plot of Barstool Cowboy is simple yet unique. It is the traditional love story wrapped up in unusual characters and events. The main character, Mick, is an unemployed cowboy who vows to never find love again, but he does. The events that occur later are unpredictable and entertaining all the same.

All in all it presented traditional cinematic themes with a new presentation, which is a bonus in the originality aspect.


The music in the film was an interesting yet effective mix of acoustic guitar and vocals that fit the movie very well. This is because the music was made solely for the film, and it added to the entire viewing experience!


Barstool Cowboy is a great film that combines an unusual story with interesting characters and some humor to create original entertainment, This is a great film that is worth the time to watch – a clever twist in the usual love story! Two thumbs up for writer, director, and producer Mark Thimijan!

4/5 Reels
Gold Squid Rating
Fantastic and different independent film!


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