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Hey guys…how is your new year going? Well mine is going very well, in my short time here at Squidflicks i’ve added 20 reviews to the site. I want to keep all of the Squidflicks and HorrorHut Fans up to date as we make progress. This friday i’ll see my first theatrical film of the year, “Cloverfield”, which the review will be added this weekend. A list of films I will soon be renting to watch include, “Dead Silence”, “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon”, “30 Days of Night”, “The Mist”, “Hachet”, “Fido”, and “Boogeyman 2”. I plan on adding more independent film reviews such as “Come Get Some”, Come Get Some More”, “Party Like Hell”, “Wolfster 1 & 2”, and many more. As far as “HorrorHut” goes, we have had some unexpected cast additions, and changes but will ARE filming the first show this weekend. We hope to have the first show up sometime in Feb. Thank you everybody who has been eager to see it, it will be coming soon, sorry for the delay.

-Patrick Farmer

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