Halloween 2 (2009)

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When you hear the name "Myers" two logical names come to mind. Mike Myers, famed actor who has appeared in countless comedy classics, and Michael Myers famed killer who has spread his fear in the hearts of numerous horror fans for over thirty years now. I’m beginning to feel however that his reign of terror could come to a halting end if we get another "Halloween" film like the 2009 release of Rob Zombie’s "Halloween 2."


Written by Rob Zombie, the dialogue used in the film was average. There were moments where it flowed great, and then moment where it fell horribly.  If you’ve seen any Zombie film, you know every other word his characters say is fuck, so going into this film. I turned on my selective hearing to decipher the film with as few "fucks" and "shits" as I could. The end result was met with mixed impressions.


Like a train running down the tracks, so does the acting in this film. Scott Taylor-Compton’s performance was decent, I really wasn’t convinced with it this time around.  Despite the way his character was written for this film, Malcolm McDowell did a superb job at acting like a jackass. Danielle Harris, as always, played the supporting role well and I felt more for her character in this one than i did the one before. The absolute star of the film, in my eyes, was Brad Dourif. He shined in this, you feel the anger, sadness, and comedy in every line he delivered. Amazing Job!


And now the bloodshed. Where to begin? The plot was terrible in my eyes. I like the little homage to the original "Halloween 2" in the dream sequence. The whole visions thing, with his mom and the white horse was as lame as could be. You don’t really care what happens to Laurie; I think I’d rather seen her killed than Annie. Dr. Loomis is a sellout/jackass who just decides to show up at the film to try and save the day. Michael does have a couple of nice kills, but all in all I like the thorn curse storyline A LOT better than this crap.


The music was decent throughout. A lot of pop songs throughout the film, some served as a nice touch; however, others just got annoying. The classic Halloween theme isn’t used in the movie, it was used in the end credits, and that’s it. I don’t care if it didn’t fit what the film was showing, you MAKE room for that classic sound. Pathetic.


Overall, Rob Zombie’s "Halloween 2" is a MAJOR flop.  Poor writing and directing ruined it for me. I’m glad Zombie’s stint with the series is over, and that "Halloween 3-D" will (hopefully) bring new life to one of my all time favorite film series. Kudos to Brad Dourif and Danielle Harris.

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