Blood Dolls

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All my life I’ve been freaked out by dolls and clowns. People ask me why and I say that they are dangerous. After they ask me what I mean, I usually tell them to just watch a Full Moon film, like 1999 release of Charles Band’s “Blood Dolls”.


The dialogue was pretty fair in this one. It did however get dull and boring towards the end. It was well paced for the most part, and seemed to fit the feel of the film just right.


The overall acting was average, and lacked believable performances. Debra Mayer was a diamond in the rough in this one. She is a veteran Full Moon actor though, and brings glamour to the screen.


The overall plot was a very out of this world, over the top wacky plot, your typical Full Moon type film here. To me it started out great but went downhill towards the end with the whole love interest thing was introduced, but overall I enjoyed the plot very much.


The music, for a change, was one of the strongest points of the film. Unique, original songs sung by the cage rock band that was forced to play songs on demand, added great depth to the film.


Overall, like many Full Moon films, this one was just a fun one to watch. Great if you have nothing else to watch and want to be entertained and have a good time.


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