Vampires: Los Muertos

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So I’m taking a Spanish class, and my Spanish teacher told us that we might take a trip to Mexico if we were interested. I thought well that would be pretty cool, get to see tons of different sites than the ones I’m used to seeing. After I got to think about it, I’m not so sure I’m interested in going. I’d hate to deal with all the people, undead and dead, like the rag-team in the 2002 release of Tommy Lee Wallace’s “Vampires: Los Muertos.”


The dialogue is sharp, and straight to the point. Written by the director Tom Wallace, who also penned and directed “Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch”. It was never too dull or boring, also the pacing was very good.


The acting for the most part was pretty good. Jon Bon Jovi stole the show in my eyes. His supporting cast gave average performances, but overall they did pretty good.


The plot is one of the areas where it could have been improved greatly. I loved the beginning of the film, where it was more of the lone cowboy collecting his credit via vampire kill. Sadly for me it turned for the worse, the first half was great 2nd half pretty bad.


The music was great, just basically one track played over and over again. It had a cowboy theme on the road type of feel to it. There could have been more but overall ok music.


Overall this was a good movie. Had some weak spots but it’s definitely was worth the watch.

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