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You know, I’ve met some pretty strange people throughout my life. It just amazes me how so many people are afraid of the strangest things. I’ve never seen anybody as scared of cats as the Mom and Son duo, in the 1992 release of Mick Garris’s “Sleepwalkers”.



The dialogue was very well written. It was basic, though effective, and really brought some magic to this film. It did however have its flaws and some of the dialogue was very corny, lol, but overall pretty good.



The acting went pretty well. The two main stars were Brian Krause and Madchen Amick. Krause, who went on to star in “Charmed”, played a good old boy who can change his personality in a flash. He did a great job but Madchen, later starred in “ER”and “Joey”, was excellent in this, and bad looking either.



Written by the master of horror himself, Stephen King wrote this screenplay from scratch. The whole backstory of the sleepwalkers is still a mystery to me, didn’t fully get all the ins and outs on that, overall a pretty creative story.



The music in this was mediocre, and not very impressive at all.



Overall this was a fun flick to watch, definitely need to see it at least one time, check out.


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