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The 1989 release of Scott Spiegel’s “Intruder” could be seen as the epilogue to the slasher craze that began with “Halloween” and really took off with “Friday the 13th”. After years of boogeymen , scream queens, and teenagers being axed, it makes sense to end it all with a self referential movie like this one.



Written by Scott Spiegel, who was also the director, and Lawerence Bender, who later worked on “Reservoir Dogs:, the dialogue is pretty average, but also never boring, lagging very little.



Rene Estevez, who has starred in the entire “Lethal Weapon” series, plays the first victim of the star studded cast. Also included is the very hot Elizabeth Cox, big time director Sam Raimi, and a cameo appearance by Bruce Campbell himself. They did a pretty well job at keeping the emotions directed to what was going on from scene to scene.



I absolutely loved this plot. Certain films, they just have a good feel to them, and you know they are going to be good, just like this one. The extreme special effects add SO much to this film, and make it a early day splat pack film. Great story throughout, with little flaws.



The music surprised me and was very good. Considering this was a $100,000 budgeted film, I expected the composition to be awful. It was really well and helped the film a lot.



Produced by Charles Band, even though it’s not a Full Moon film, it had a great Full Moon feel to it. I really enjoyed this fun little film, and encourage everybody to go see it.

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