Interstellar Update – New Trailer, Website


Ok, the movie that I am most looking forward to in 2014 is Interstellar. It’s looking better with every glimpse that Christopher Nolan allows to be released. In fact, this trailer is the one that he presented when making an unexpected appearance at SDCC with lead actor Mathew McConaughey the past weekend.

In addition to a new trailer that gives more views of the ‘Interstellar’ aspect of the film, there’s a cryptic movie website as well. Try poking around and see if you can find any surprises. Hint: Try visiting at different times of the day, the scene changes accordingly and new clues appear in the scene.

It’s really starting to seem like this is the spiritual successor to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Stay tuned ’til November, folks!


Magic School Bus to return


The classic educational TV show ‘The Magic School Bus’ will be returning, with a twist – the new show will be CGI instead of the traditional 2-D animation style. Honestly, I think it will be kind of strange but hey, who knows. It’s very likely that this will be yet another icon from childhood that will be bastardized by renewal. I’m trying to be positive here people!

What do you think? I know the news is a little dated, but we have ’til 2016 before we can really see the finished product and come to a developed opinion.


Little Miss Nerd Chef teams up with SquidFlicks for future content


Two things that go hand in hand are movies & food!  More times than none we find ourselves with a bowl of popcorn or a box of pizza as we fill our minds with movie magic. We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Little Miss Nerd Chef to add some tastiness to our future content! Learn more about our newest friend after the jump!
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